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Ron & Gayle Halstead

Looking for Your Own Little Piece of Heaven? You Will Find it Right Here!


We wanted to thank you for all the pictures you took of the lots and the cabin homes.  We can now show our family and friends what we are so excited about. 
For a while now we have been thinking about a vacation home to share with our family.  We always loved log cabins and while following you to Fox Trot Lane it was as if our dream had come alive.  It ws everything we had hoped, one day, to find.
Our land purchase is something we have never done before and we are grateful that you happened to be our "tour guide" that day.  It amazes us that you knew right away what we wanted to see.  You have responded quickly to our emails, phone calls and have answered all our questions and concerns.  Your helpful, mild manner and pleasant personality has made this a fun adventure to pursue.
Sharon and Steve Grenon
Appalachian Land Company is in my eyes a great company I would recommend to anyone.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Gayle and Ron.
From my first phone call to the closing on my vacation home it was an exciting yet relaxed and calming time.  Gayle and Ron were there for me to boost my spirits and help me through everything like a lifelong friend.  It was all about what I wanted and we would keep looking until we found it.  It had nothing to do with what I could spend or what they would make.
Appalachian Land Company is a family company and #1 in my book.
Sharon Hanlon
Thank you very much for sending me the various sales literature relative to Murphy and also the listing of churches in the area.  If everyone in that area is as nice as the two of you, it must be a great place to live.
John Demena
Gayle and Ron made business a pleasure.  They went way beyond the closing to help us.  They are an asset to Appalachian Land Company.
Thank you,
Dixie and Charley Hadley
I just want to start by saying that I am the lucky one.  Driving through Murphy and finding Real Estate offices everywhere, I chose yours.  Ron and Gayle Halstead were the best.  Ron was the first person I met when I walked into your office and after a warm greeting asked how he could help me.  I told him what I was looking for and in what price range and he went to work.  We spent most of that morning looking at property and at one I did not even get out of the car.  Ron is a true professional and never once was pushy or acting other than in my interest.  Between Ron and Gayle, every question and telephone call was answered and, believe you me, there were plenty.  I will highly recommend Appalachian Land Company and agents, Ron and Gayle Halstead, to anyone purchasing property in your service area.
Jim Kuhn